Gentleman´s Aventus 30ML

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  • NATURAL SHINE: Give your beard the all-round well-groomed overall look that you want. Our AVENTUS Oil revives dry and straw-like hair and gives it a healthy and natural shine.
  • PERFECT SHAPE: Whether full beard or mustache, this beard oil gives your face crystal clear, clean contours. Even stubborn whiskers become supple thanks to the valuable essential oils.
  • NO MORE ITCHING: Our nourishing oil provides the beard and skin with essential nutrients and the best from nature. This means that unpleasant itching and annoying flaking have no chance in the future.
  • FASCINATING SCENT: Gentleman's Aventus exudes the masculine smell of strength, power and success. The unique tart-woody fragrance combination with fresh-fruity nuances is convincing in every situation and stays in your head.
  • HIGH QUALITY ARGAN OIL: In contrast to other manufacturers of men's care products, we use pure, natural argan oil and consciously avoid unhealthy synthetic ingredients. Filled in innovative vacuum pump bottles, so that not a single drop is left unused. Convince yourself!