Gentleman's Barber

Gentleman´s Mouth and Nose Cover

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  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE - Has support for machine washing and hand washing. Silver in fibers will not be washed or worn out. The effectiveness of the mask remains more than 90% after 50 washes.
  • ADJUSTABLE EAR LOOP - The ear loops are adjustable, so that it can be adjusted to suit every person and comfortably. 
  • 2 LAYERS BREATHABLE - Dimensions: 185 mm wide. Weight: 16g. This 100% cotton face mask is extremely soft, breathable and comfortable, The outer layer is made of elastic cotton, isolates dust and large particles. Middle layer is the filter layer, insulates again to effectively prevent particles and pollutants. The Inner layer made of skin-friendly cotton, hygroscopically breathable and keeps fresh.
  • WIDE USE - Perfect for everyday use in every situation!
  • STYLISH DESIGN - The mask's shape ensures a secure fit, leaving room for breathing and reducing fogging when wearing glasses. Adjustable soft ear cords make it comfortable to wear and suitable for faces of different sizes.